BrosMed Medical Announces Japanese Approval and Launch of Artimes™ and Apollo™ PTCA In Japan Market


BrosMed Medical Announces Japanese Approval and Launch of Artimes™ and Apollo™ PTCA In Japan Market

Aug 30th , 2017—BrosMed Medical announces Japan PMDA approval of its Artimes™ and Apollo™ PTCA balloons, and formally launches in Japan. Artimes™ and Apollo™ are two PTCA of Brosmed balloon families. Artimes™ is a semi-compliant pre-dilatation PTCA balloon, and Apollo™ is a non-complaint high pressure post-dilatation PTCA balloon. These two balloons are designed for the treatment of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) for the purpose of improving myocardial blood flow in the localized stenotic lesion of the coronary arteries.

Following the approval, BrosMed Medical achieves one more step to its global vision beside current geographical footprint in Europe, USA, China, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East.

“The PMDA approval of Artimes™ and Apollo™ PTCA in Japan is quite exciting and significant to the company.” said by Stephen Lee, General Manager of BrosMed Medical. “PMDA approval helps BrosMed to penetrate the Japan market and compete ourselves with giant companies and local players in term of products performance and services. We are confident that Artimes™ and Apollo™ would satisfy Japanese physicians’ needs and provide better clinical outcomes. Moreover, we are going to provide our completed PTA portfolio to the Japan market as second step in order to expand us from cardiovascular to endovascular filed.”

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BrosMed Medical product portfolio consist of, Artimes™ PTCA, Apollo™NC PTCA, Atropos™ 0.035 PTA, Minerva™ 0.018 PTA, Polux™ 0.014 PTA, Hermes™ NC 0.035 PTA, Achilles™ NC 0.018 PTA, Castor™ NC 0.014 PTA, Conger™ Hydrophilic coated wireandFreepath™ Catheter Sheath Introducer. BrosMed Medical is supplying safe, effective and hi-tech medical devices in 30 countries.