BrosMed Artimes™ Semi-compliant PTCA Balloon Catheter was highly praised by professors and experts at RPR-CTO Summit 2018


23rd-24th June 2018, The Third China Summit for Retrograde Percutaneous Recanalization of Chronic Total Occlusion (RPR-CTO Summit 2018), which was hosted by Guangdong Medical Doctor Association and Guangdong Interventional Cardiology Association and organized by Guangdong People’ Hospital, was successfully convened at Dong Fang Hotel, Guangzhou China. ArtimesTM Semi-compliant PTCA Balloon Catheter was highly praised by executive chairmen professor Bin Zhang, and professor Quanmin Jing, as well as other experts attended the summit.

Professor Bin Zhang from Guangdong People’ Hospital, professor Lei Ge from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, professor Quanmin Jing from General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region and professor Chengxiang Li From Xijing Hospital, were elected to be executive chairmen for RPR-CTO Summit 2018. Besides which, several internationally renowned interventional therapy experts were also invited to this summit to share their clinical experience and operation skills. During live broadcast operation case, BrosMed ArtimesTM Semi-compliant PTCA Balloon Catheter was widely praised by two professors and other experts because of its excellent crossibility and flexibility.

The factor drives Chinese CTO therapy into maturity is that not only the improvement of the surgeon’s skills and the accumulation of experience, but also the continuous improvement of the production technology and the innovation of products of medical device companies. BrosMed Medical, as a Chinese domestic brand, constantly improves and perfects its ability in technology development and operation management in accordance with international standards. BrosMed strives to maintain a competitive position in the global high-end medical device consumables market, and provides better, more effective and convenient medical devices for patients and doctors.

About BrosMed Medical

BrosMed Medical is more than just a company; we are leading the medical device design and manufacturing revolution.

BrosMed Medical develops, manufactures and markets medical devices primarily used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in angioplasty procedures and other minimal invasive devices.

We provide solutions to our customers through innovative design, effective supply chain management, world-class manufacturing, and flexible channels of distribution and through the development or acquisition of innovative technologies.

BrosMed Medical product portfolio consist of

Artimes™ PTCA balloon catheter

Apollo™ NC PTCA balloon catheter

Wedge™ Semi-complaint Scoring PTCA balloon catheter

Atropos™ 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Minerva™ 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Polux™ 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Hermes™ NC 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Achilles™ NC 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Castor™ NC 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Conger™ Hydrophilic coated guidewire

Freepath™ Catheter Sheath Introducer

BrosMed Medical is supplying safe, effective and hi-tech medical devices in 40 countries.