Exchange Device

BrosMed Rokku exchange device is dedicated for balloon trapping or anchoring techniques to facilitate interventional medical device exchange without guidewire displacement of the distal end and address challenging coronary interventions, which is aimed at enabling the most complex interventions to be done more quickly, safely, and effectively.

  • Engineered For Balloon Trapping Technique 
  • Tip to hub core wire design for easy operate without guidewire delivery
  • 2.0F Low-profile shaft for easy device exchange
  • 6-8F compatible, uncoated
  • Reliable and secure anchoring to trap multiple guidewires without shift
  • Highly recognizable proximal depth marker to achieve accurate positioning
  • Metal wire shaft design to prevent kinking and provide pushability with flexibility
  • Two distal marker bands outside the balloon for easy tracking and identification during exchange
Balloon Diameter(mm):
Balloon Length(mm):
Nominal Pressure:
8 atm
Guiding Catheter Compatibility:
6F 7F 8F
Effective Catheter Length:
107cm, 117cm

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