Here you will overcome industry problems and create industry standards with global experts, returned elites, and industry leaders. 
We are looking for such talents: they are willing to serve the country with science and technology, have the ability to make the impossible possible, and determined to improve people’s quality of life and solve problems in the medical industry. 
Come and join us, we will provide the stage for you to show your ingenuity, to explore and innovate continually, and embrace life with technology.

We need you:

  • Medical equipment experts and key talents focus on the fields of coronary, peripheral, neurovascular and digestive tract;
  • Scientific research talents who have in-depth research and achieved certain results in new materials, surface treatment, sensors, electronic design, optical technology and neuroscience;
  • Excellent graduates with a master’s degree or above in chemistry, materials science, polymer, material molding and control and mechanics.