Mr. Roy Noda — Asia-Pacific President of Cardinal Health Visits BrosMed Medical


December 11st, 2018, Mr. Roy Noda, Asia-Pacific President of Cardinal Health (, Ms. Jessie, General Manager in China and their team visited BrosMed Medical ( , discussing strategic development of Asia-Pacific markets in 2019, to realize strong global alliance between the two parties. Mr. Benny Lee, Chairman of BrosMed Medical, introduced company history and the latest R&D products.

With innovative and unique technology in the field of interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular, BrosMed Medical has proved its high standard of quality system, world-class technology and operation management, which is highly appreciated by Mr. Roy Noda, Asia-Pacific President of Cardinal Health and its General Manager in China, Ms. Jessie. They wish BrosMed make faster development to achieve mutual win-win business.

Mr. Roy Noda and Ms. Jessie listen to latest R&D products

Cardinal Health Asia-Pacific team with BrosMed Medical team

About BrosMed Medical

BrosMed Medical is more than just a company; we are leading the medical device design and manufacturing revolution.

BrosMed Medical develops, manufactures and markets medical devices primarily used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in angioplasty procedures and other minimal invasive devices.

We provide solutions to our customers through innovative design, effective supply chain management, world-class manufacturing, and flexible channels of distribution and through the development or acquisition of innovative technologies.

BrosMed Medical product portfolio consist of

Artimes™ PTCA balloon catheter

Apollo™ NC PTCA balloon catheter

Wedge™ Semi-complaint Scoring PTCA balloon catheter

Atropos™ 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Minerva™ 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Polux™ 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Hermes™ NC 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Achilles™ NC 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Castor™ NC 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Conger™ Hydrophilic coated guidewire

Freepath™ Catheter Sheath Introducer

BrosMed Medical is supplying safe, effective and hi-tech medical devices in 40 countries.