Optimize Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with a Scoring Balloon Webinar


Guangdong [May 11 , 2021] – Brosmed Medical Ltd. hosted its first global webinar: Optimize Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with a Scoring Balloon on April 27th 2021. This webinar was hosted by Prof. Stephane Carlier from Belgium together with Dr. Bernardo Cortese from Italy and Prof. Jo Dens from Hart Center Genk in Belgium.

Prof. Carlier´s presented the currently ongoing ¨Wedges¨ trial, a prospective, multi-center randomized trial for the evaluation of coronary lesion preparation With Enhanced Dilatation for Good Expansion of Stent: assessment of a new scoring balloon by quantitative stent enhanced visualization. Prof. Carlier also presented several case studies and a literature review showing the advantages of using a scoring balloon to optimize percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Dr. Cortese presented several challenging cases that were facilitated with Brosmed´s Wedge scoring balloon and reviewed data gathered in a multi center Italian registry showing the advantages of using a scoring balloon to facilitate PCI.

Brosmed´s Wedge NC is a non-compliant high pressure balloon dilatation catheter which is designed to feel like a conventional balloon. With one fixed nitinol wire on top of the balloon surface, Wedge NC provides exact scoring and avoids twisted wired or interference with the stent.

Prof. Dr. Jo Dens shared his experience with the Wedge scoring balloon in calcified lesions and wrapped up the Webinar with an educational review of Tips and Tricks using the Wedge scoring balloon.

Brosmed Medical has a full range of products for PTCA as well as PTA and continues to support the global scientific community during the Covid pandemic.

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