Webinar Express:Proximal Optimization Technique (POT) balloon in bifurcation stenting


BrosMed Medical sincerely invite you to attend our coming Webinar “Proximal Optimization Technique (POT) balloon in bifurcation stenting”on Wednesday May 11st, 2022 at 08:45-10:05 (Central European Time) or 14:45 -16:05 (Beijing Time).

Every POT balloon is similar? Tune into our focused webinar on the role of POT in bifurcation stenting to discover the difference of the BrosMed Medical POT dedicated balloon which is born for “Proximal Optimization Technhnique”.

It will be an international Webinar with the famous expects from Spain, Austria and Italy. They are Dr. Pablo Salinas from Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain who will lead the session; Dr. Gabor G Toth from University Heart Center Graz, Austria and Dr. Delio Tedeschi at Istituto Clinico S.Anna – Province of Brescia, Italy as the honored speakers. It would be an academic feast as the experts will be live to share their latest experiences and in-depth tips & tricks on Proximal Optimization Technique (POT) with POT Balloon in bifurcation stenting.

If you are interested in attending the webinar, please Scan the QR code on the poster or click the link below to register and join with us and watch the live broadcast: