BrosMed Medical Announces Japanese Approval and Launch of Rokku Exchange Device In Japan Market


Guangdong, China [Nov. 24, 2022] – BrosMed Medical announced its exchange device has received the Japan PMDA approval.

BrosMed Medical, a global provider of medical technologies for vascular intervention, has announced Japanese Approval and launch of the Rokku exchange device.
Rokku exchange device is dedicated to facilitate interventional medical device exchanges without losing wire position, and maximize the efficiency of complex cases during PCI procedures.

The Rokku exchange device has a tip to hub core wire design. But a fixed wire catheter that has a 10 mm balloon on the distal part. There is a 1 marker band at the tip and another 1 marker band at the proximal balloon edge to facilitate easy placement and identification during rapid exchanges. Rokku is offered in 6F through 8F guide catheter when at a low inflation pressure. The effective length of this product is 107cm (with a 90 cm guiding catheter) and 117cm (with a 90cm or 100 cm guiding catheter).

BrosMed Rokku exchange device is an advanced tools to address challenging coronary interventions and enables the most complicated interventional procedures to be done more efficiently.