POT Round Table Discussions: Meet the Masters (Session II)


24 Oct. 2023 @ 10:00-11:50 (CEST), 16:00-17:50 (Beijing Time)

Join BrosMed Medical on Oct. 24th for an enlightening discussion that unites cardiologists from Malaysia, Thailand, the UK, and Ukraine, where clinical expertise harmoniously fuses with POT innovation. At this exclusive webinar, we’re orchestrating a confluence of valuable insights, drawing from the collective wisdom of seasoned interventional cardiologists.

We’re excited to have Dr. Azhari Rosman (Malaysia) as the Chairman and moderator, Prof. Damras Tresukosol (Thailand) as the panelist, Prof. Mohaned Egred (UK), Dr. Liliya Sorohtey (Ukraine) and Dr. Tey Yee Sin (Malaysia) as our expert panel. Our formidable lineup of experts will share their insights on the clinical expertise of POT PTCA NC Balloon Dilatation Catheter. The purpose is clear: Unravel the complexities of high-risk Bifurcation PCI and Proximal Optimization Technique Management and explore breakthrough strategies that have the potential to reshape the landscape of interventional cardiology, ultimately improving the lives of those we serve.


  • Chairman and Moderator:
    Dr. Azhari Rosman–
    Senior Consultant Cardiologist at Institut Jantung Negara Sdn. Bhd.(IJN)
  • Prof. Damras Tresukosol–
  • Professor of Interventional Cardiology; Senior Director of Cardiology Medicine of Bangkok Hospital, Thailand
  • Guest Speakers:
    Prof. Mohaned Egred–Professor of Interventional Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine; Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
    Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Dr. Liliya Sorohtey–Head of the angiography department, Interventional cardiologist in Ukrainian-Polish Heart Center “Lviv”
  • Dr. Tey Yee Sin–Interventional Cardiologist at Institut Jantung Negara Sdn. Bhd.(IJN)


BrosMed is proud to host this specialized webinar for professionals, fostering the exchange of insights and practices. Scan the QR code on the poster or save your spot by Clicking the Link  for closer ties with the experts and to discover more applications with our panel.

This is more than just a webinar. Whether you’re fueled by inquisitive questions or a thirst to build closer ties with the expert’s panel, this is your nexus.

Embrace this opportunity to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the medical field.