Alveo™ HP

CTO Balloon Dilatation Catheter

With 0.75 mm in diameter, Alveo HP is the smallest high pressure CTO balloon catheter in the world Specifically designed for crossing complex lesions and Chronic Total Occlusions (CTO) as well as tracking tortuous anatomy.

  • Ideal for CTO lesion
  • Complex Calcified lesions
  • Proprietary balanced distal tip technology
  • Proprietary distal laser welding technology eliminates hardness and maintains distal tip flexibility
  • No transition in the distal laser welding resulting in smallest crossing profile
  • New balloon material design
  • Enhanced shaft design
Balloon Diameter(mm):
Balloon Length(mm):
Nominal Pressure:
10 atm
Guiding Catheter Compatibility:
5F Compatible
Hydrophilic external surface coating from tip to adjacent guide wire port;
Silicone Coating inside guide wire lumen

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