Radial Artery Tourniquets

The location of the puncture point under the device can be observed clearly. The device can provide pressure to the puncture point to stop bleeding.

The device is intended for use with hemostasis after the radial arterial catheterization.

  • The device is used to achieve hemostasis after the radial arterial catheterization.
  • Unique design for radial artery hemostasis post percutaneous puncture
  • Transparent fixed plates ensures clear visual control
  • Soft flannel belt with special velcro provides a firm but comfortable fixation under tension.
  • Silicone rubber pad keeps a stable and uniform pressure on the surface.
BM-RAT1 (Cord button)
The fastened panel, fixation band and elastomer
BM-RAT2 (Rotary)
A fixed plate, adjustable band and elastomer
BM-RAT3 (Inflatable)
Air titration provides a more precise way of applying pressure to the radial artery

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