1. Introduction

Brosmed Medical and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Brosmed”, “our”, “we” or “us”) respect your right to privacy and personal data protection. Brosmed appreciates the interest you have shown in our company, products and services by visiting our websites such as http://www.brosmed.com/en/ or other related communication channels, including, but not limited to, our social media pages, channels, mobile apps and/or blogs (together “Brosmed Pages”). This Privacy Notice applies to all the Personal Information Brosmed collects online and offline when you interact with Brosmed, such as when you visit Brosmed Pages, when you use the products or services offered by Brosmed, when you purchase products of Brosmed, when you subscribe to newsletters and when you contact our customer support, either as a visitor, a customer or a potential customer, or an agent of our suppliers or business partners, etc.

We may also provide you with separate privacy notices to inform you how we collect and process your Personal Information for some specific circumstances like products, services or projects offered by Brosmed, for example when you attend our clinical research programs, or when you use our mobile apps. Such separate privacy notices shall in principle prevail over this Privacy Notice if there is any conflict or inconsistency between the separate privacy policies and this Privacy Notice, unless mentioned or agreed otherwise.

2. What Personal Information Do We Collect and for Which Purpose?

The term “Personal Information” in this Privacy Notice refers to information relates to you or allows us to identify you, either directly or in combination with other information that we hold. We encourage you to keep your personal settings and Personal Information complete and current.

l  Brosmed Account Data

You can create an online Brosmed account for a better service experience, such as online device registration or providing your feedback through Brosmed Pages.

When you create an account on Brosmed Pages, we collect the following Personal Information:



Email address;


You may also choose whether to provide the following Personal Information about you to your account, such as the company you work for, the city that you are located in, your address, postal code and telephone number.

We use this Personal Information in order to create and maintain your Brosmed Account. You can use your Brosmed Account for various services. When you do so, we may add additional Personal Information to your Brosmed Account. The following paragraphs inform you of the services you may use and what Personal Information we will add to your Brosmed Account when you use the respective services.

l  Promotional Communication Data

You can choose to sign up for marketing and promotional communications. If you do so, we will collect and use the following Personal Information about you:

Your email address;

Your Brosmed Account Data;

Your interactions with Brosmed, such as the subscription or un-subscription of newsletters and other promotional communications, the Personal Information you provided during your attendance of our events.

We use this Personal Information to send you promotional communications – based on your preferences and behavior – about Brosmed products, services, events and promotions.

We may contact you with promotional communications via email, SMS and other digital channels, such as mobile apps and social media. To be able to tailor the communications to your preferences and behavior and provide you with the best, personalized experience, we may analyze and combine all information associated with your Brosmed Account Data and data about your interactions with Brosmed. We also use this information to track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Brosmed will give you the opportunity to withdraw your consent to receiving promotional communications at any time via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each promotional email you may receive from us or otherwise contained in the communications we send you. You may also contact us to withdraw your consent via the contact information specified in the section “How to Contact Us”.

l  Marketing Activities Data

You may wish to attend certain events, webinars, exhibitions or fairs (“Marketing Activities”) held by Brosmed or other organizers. You may register for the Marketing Activities through Brosmed Pages, via our distributors or directly with the organizer of the Marketing Activities. We may send you invitation of such Marketing Activities. For this purpose we may need the following Personal Information from you:



Company/Hospital you work for;




The product/service that you are interested in;

Furthermore, we may need the following additional information when you interact with Brosmed as a professional, which includes but is not limited to your ID number and passport number, in order to communicate with you about the Marketing Activities or for other purposes depending on the actual situation. We will give you specific notice or otherwise inform you about purpose and collection and use of your Personal Information.

By registering for a Marketing Activity with Brosmed, you agree to receive communications from Brosmed directly related to the Marketing Activity, such as where the Marketing Activity will be hosted, when the Marketing Activity takes place.

l  Purchase & Registration Data

When you purchase products and/or services from Brosmed, or when your register your product and/or services, we may collect the following Personal Information:


Telephone number;

Company/Hospital you work for;






Shipment/Invoice Address;

Postal Code;


Invoice history, which includes an overview of Brosmed products/services purchased by you;

Details of conversations that you may have with the Customer Service around your purchase;

Details of your registered Product/service, such as the name of the product/service, the product category it belongs to, the product model number, date of purchase, proof of purchase.

We collect this Personal Information to help you complete your purchase and/or registration of your product and/or services.

l  Customer Service Data

When you interact with our Customer Service through our call center, WeChat subions, WhatsApp, email or other Brosmed Pages, we will use the following Personal Information about you:

Your Brosmed Account Data;





Company and hospital that you work for;

Your call recording and history, purchase history, the content of your questions, or requests that you addressed.

We use this Personal Information to provide you customer support related to the product and/or service you purchased from Brosmed, such as to respond to your inquiries, fulfil your requests as well as repair or replace products.

We may also use this Personal Information to improve our products and services, to solve any potential disputes with you, and to educate our customer service representatives during training.

l  User Feedback Data

You could choose to submit any comments, questions, requests or complaints about our products and/or services (“User Feedback Data”) through various channels offered by Brosmed Pages. When you do so, we may collect the following Personal Information from you:

Your Brosmed Account Data;



Details of your comment/ questions/ requests/ complaints.

We use this Personal Information to respond to your questions, fulfil your requests, resolve your complaints as well as to improve our Brosmed Pages, products and services.

l  Usage Data

We may use Personal Information we collect from you while you use Brosmed products, services and/or our Brosmed Pages for analytical purposes. We do this in order to understand your interests and preference, to improve our Products, Services and/or our Brosmed Pages and to enhance your user experience.

l  Online Activities Data

Brosmed may use cookies or similar techniques which store information about your visit to Brosmed website to make your online experience and interaction with our websites more informative and supportive. For further information about the use of cookies or similar techniques used and your choices regarding cookies, please read our Cookie Notice.

3. How to Contact Us

Contact us at info@brosmed.com if you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints related to your Personal Information held by us or in case you wish to exercise any of your data privacy related rights.