Celebrating a complete success of Brosmed Medical “Easy Crossing is Possible —— Seminar of Artimes™/Apollo™ Balloon Catheter”


October 11th to 14th, 2018, the 29th Great Wall International Cardiology Conference (GW-ICC) was held in Beijing National Convention Center. In the theme of “Healthy Heart, striving Life”, this year’s GW-ICC set up 507 conference lectures, 30 training workshops, 35 special conferences; 54 joint forums with 15 foreign societies and organizations. More than 2,000 domestic experts, and 300 international experts participated the academic tasks. The number of forums and the large lineup of experts are the highest among all GW-ICC.

At noon on October 12th, “Easy Crossing is Possible —— Seminar of ArtimesTM/ApolloTM Balloon Catheter” was successfully held by Brosmed Medical in the conference room 202AB of the National Convention Center. The meeting was hosted by four famous professors Chen Shaoliang, Luo Jianfang, Wu Yongjian and Wang Lefeng. Five interventional surgeons from hospitals across the country gave case report presentations. They shared their extraordinary cases with the participating doctors. The speakers introduced the outstanding performance of the Brosmed Artimes balloon, the product structure and clinical application of the Brosmed balloon. Brosmed Medical’s products were highly praised by on-site participation experts and doctors.

In conjunction with the report of the 19th National Congress, the “Implementation of Healthy China Strategy” was proposed to provide comprehensive health services for the people. We believe that in the future of cardiovascular intervention, with the promotion of domestic experts and the improvement of the quality of domestic brands, Brosmed Medical will soon realize our slogan “Good Balloons, Made in China”. Chinese brands will surely enter the ranks of world first-class medical products, and benefit more patients.

About BrosMed Medical

BrosMed Medical is more than just a company; we are leading the medical device design and manufacturing revolution.

BrosMed Medical develops, manufactures and markets medical devices primarily used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in angioplasty procedures and other minimal invasive devices.

We provide solutions to our customers through innovative design, effective supply chain management, world-class manufacturing, and flexible channels of distribution and through the development or acquisition of innovative technologies.

BrosMed Medical product portfolio consist of

Artimes™ PTCA balloon catheter

Apollo™ NC PTCA balloon catheter

Wedge™ Semi-complaint Scoring PTCA balloon catheter

Atropos™ 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Minerva™ 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Polux™ 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Hermes™ NC 0.035 PTA balloon catheter

Achilles™ NC 0.018PTA balloon catheter

Castor™ NC 0.014 PTA balloon catheter

Conger™ Hydrophilic coated guidewire

Freepath™ Catheter Sheath Introducer

BrosMed Medical is supplying safe, effective and hi-tech medical devices in 40 countries.